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By selecting, "Yes" from the drop down menu above and clicking the button below, I agree to receive the First Platinum Elite membership benefits, including the Live Well/Discount Express Services, Click Here for program benefits and, upon approval, will receive my $500 Unsecured First Platinum Elite Shopping Card. I authorize USA Credit to debit my bank account for my one-time $59.95 Membership Fee. This Membership Fee entitles me to receive my $500 Unsecured First Platinum Elite Shopping Card for use exclusively at the USA Shopping Club and will be deducted as soon as one (1) business day after I am approved. I further authorize USA Credit to debit my bank account, each month, for the Live Well/Discount Express Services in the amount of $14.00. The first debit will occur as soon as thirty (30) days after I am approved for the First Platinum Elite Shopping Card. I may cancel my membership at any time by contacting USA Credit Member Services at 1-800-262-4192 or at I acknowledge and agree to the Terms & Conditions of the USA Credit Shopping Card Member Agreement. ┬╣See Terms & Conditions for qualifications. I have monthly income of at least $500 and I have the ability to make a monthly payment of as much as $50 if I utilize my entire credit line. Requires paid merchandise purchases to qualify for cash advance. Cash advance amount is based on total payments.

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